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An affordable scan tool thatll regen a 6 7 POWERSTROKE

desiel heavy pickup truck & obdii car diagnostic tool calibration coding scanner. Add Cummins setting system ID and nameplate, J1939 control, PTO, gearbox settings, anti-interference features of the speed sensor, speed source, charger fault alarm, transmission protection, idle stop, road speed governor, electrical system voltage, Engine Protection, Engine Oil Pressure Sensor, Engine Coolant Level Sensor, Engine Preheat Protection, Engine Brake Control, Immobilizer, Fan Control, Service Brake Switch, Travel Information, Load Based Speed Control, Gas Heater, On-Off Low Standby, Maximum Engine Speed with Switch Control, Variable-Rate Vehicle Acceleration Management, Adjustable Low Idle, Fast Idle Preheat, Clutch Pedal Position Switch, Starter Motor Lock, Fuel Water Sensor, Governor Setting, maintenance monitoring, cruise control, cruise control and engine brake interaction, cruise control switch settings, user adjustable fuel economy, throttle interlock, throttle options, remote throttle or joystick.